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Out & About: Center for BrainHealth Branch Award Luncheon

Dr. Mark D'Esposito is a distinguished professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley and the Carol Heller BrainHealth Project Co-Leader.


Sarah Hodges


On February 23, 2024, Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas honored Mark D’Esposito, MD, with its highest science honor, the Dr. Charles L. Branch BrainHealth Award. Celebrated as one of the nation’s foremost neurologists, Dr. D’Esposito engaged in a thought-provoking, fireside-style chat with Charles Branch Jr., MD, son of the award's namesake neurosurgeon, providing attendees with unique insights about the impact of ongoing research in understanding human cognition and brain health.Chaired by Keana and Representative Morgan Meyer, the event was attended by members of the Branch family and longtime BrainHealth supporters, including Stacey and Dan Branch, Debbie Francis, Eric Bennett and Carol Heller. BrainHealth's founder and chief director, Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, presented the award at the 100-person luncheon, celebrating Dr. D’Esposito’s achievements and marking the center's silver anniversary. Part of the Frontiers of BrainHealth lunchtime lecture series, this special talk underscored the center's commitment to advancing understanding of the brain Dallas' annual BrainHealth Week, spearheading a movement toward brain health awareness, scientific discovery and empowering innovations.Read the full article in People Newspapers

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Mark D’Esposito, MD

Carol Heller BrainHealth Project Co-Leader

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