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Habits, Mindfulness & Behavior Change

Behavioral research scientist Jennifer Huberty, PhD, is the guest for episode 4 of Office Hours.

Office Hours features unscripted conversations between BrainHealth cognitive neuroscientists Dr. Julie Fratantoni and Dr. Dan Krawczyk and guests, including Q&A from a live audience.

A Conversation About Habits, Mindfulness & Behavior Change

In episode 4, Jennifer Huberty, PhD, founder and fractional chief science officer of Fit Minded LLC, shares how to use behavioral science to tap into your inner guidance to promote understanding and exhilarating habit formation.

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Julie Fratantoni, PhD, CCC-SLP

Head of Research Integration and Partnerships Center for BrainHealth

Daniel Krawczyk, PhD

Deputy Director of Research Debbie and Jim Francis Chair and Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

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