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How to Build "Brain Capital" in Nigeria

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How much time do you spend really thinking about your brain health?Nigeria's chief economist, Andrew S. Nevin, PhD, hopes to see Nigeria reach the "top five" countries in terms of measured brain health. Meeting with Arise Xchange host Boason Omofaye, Dr. Nevin shares how building "brain capital" can help communities find holistic solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow. Encouraging a focus on revamping education in Nigeria, Dr. Nevin suggests adopting an approach similar to Australia's "Thrive by Five," a program investing in early childhood education for youths five and under, as well as adopting a verified brain capital index to measure brain capital and continue improving and destigmatizing mental health interventions. As a member of OECD steering commitee on brain capital and a long-term resident of Nigeria, Dr. Nevin hopes the country will become the first to openly commit to supporting human infrastructure with large-scale investments in brain capital through strategic policy decision-making.Watch the full interview at the OECD

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Andrew S. Nevin, PhD

Inaugural Director, Brainomics Venture Research Professor Center for BrainHealth

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