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KepnerCPA Case Study

KepnerCPA Case Study Brainomics Bulletin, Issue 7.

Center for BrainHealth

Andrew S. Nevin

KepnerCPA Case Study

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The Situation

KepnerCPA is a small accounting firm based in Dallas, Texas. Their mission is to provide prosperity with purpose for their clients. Kep Kepner, the owner and CEO, came to the Center for BrainHealth with the goal of revitalizing how his team worked. He hoped brain health and performance training would empower his young team to show greater initiative and become more independent, making it easier for Kep to lead the organization.

What We Did

We launched a six-month BrainHealthy Workplace engagement, with participation from all seven KepnerCPA employees as well as four business partners who were invited to join. They:
  • Participated in a 2-day Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics (SMART™) brain training workshop led by experienced BrainHealth facilitators.
  • Learned 9 SMART strategies and considered applications to daily operations.
  • Engaged in 2 subsequent group coaching sessions.
  • Accessed online training modules that reinforced SMART strategies and introduced bonus content related to stress and sleep.
Each participant completed a BrainHealth Index (BHI) at the start and six months later. This is an individualized, performance-based composite derived from a series of best-in-class assessments that explore an individual’s cognitive capacity, sense of well-being, quality of social interactions and complexity of daily routines. Taken periodically, the BHI reveals how brain fitness and function can change and get stronger over time. As a group, KepnerCPA demonstrated measurable overall improvement in the BrainHealth Index, and in each separate factor score.
A graph displaying BrainHealth Index Results over time, revealing growth in clarity, connectedness and emotional balance following KepnerCPA's engagement with the BrainHealthy Workplace.


"This training was unlike any professional development they had ever done, and the team appreciated the company’s investment in them. They immediately began to grasp its potential and soon made the training their own." – Katie Hinds MS, CCC-SLP, Senior BrainHealth SMART Trainer

Economic Implications

The KepnerCPA team reported performance improvements across the board in key metrics related to economic success:
BrainHealthy Workplace Pulse Survey Results, following positive outcomes from KepnerCPA's engagement with the BrainHealthy Workplace.


"Since implementing the training, we have experienced a 25% increase in revenues without having to add staff, and we doubled our profits." – Gerald “Kep” Kepner, CPA, CEO

What We’ve Learned

KepnerCPA is the canonical case of investment in an organization’s brain health. The CEO/owner is absolutely committed to proactive brain health, and the firm continually reinforces brain health fundamentals to keep the momentum. The team has experienced a measurable increase in productivity, as well as exercising greater initiative and independence. These results suggest that we are on the right track, and that investing in brain health and performance in a structured way delivers a substantial economic return.


"There is no possible way we could have achieved our growth and direction without the brain healthy protocols from Center for BrainHealth. Not only does this approach work in the business arena, but it also is important in home life.” – Gerald “Kep” Kepner, CPA, CEO

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Andrew S. Nevin, PhD

Inaugural Director, Brainomics Venture Research Professor Center for BrainHealth

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