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Build Your Communities in Circles

Group of silhouetted people holding hands, arms raised to the sky at sunset. Freedom, friendship and unity concept.

How can you create a connected community?

Communities need a deep sense of connection and support in order to thrive. How each person in a community helps create a sense of mutual belonging shapes the community as whole.


From a neurological perspective, the concept of neurodiversity correlates with connectedness. It is natural for different people to see and experience the world around them in different ways, and possess very different points of view. Maintaining an inclusive mindset helps you to nurture a supportive and just community.


  • Reach out to new people in your community.
  • Listen to understand, rather than just waiting for a turn to speak.
  • Seek out similarities and common ground, especially among differences.
  • Be aware of your individual biases so that you can make considerate and well-informed choices.

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