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Construct Your Own Creative Reserves

Woman sketching a colorful business plan on a placard at a creative office.

How can you tap into your creative mindset?

Everyone has creative potential. Status quo thinking may feel comfortable, but it stifles innovation. Spark new ideas by seeking out creative approaches in new and different aspects of your life.


The brain's capacity for creativity defies binary thinking. The notion that people are "left-brained" or "right brained" has been shown to be a myth. In actually, the different regions of the human brain show signs of extensive integration and interconnections, yielding a miraculous and innate capacity for unique thought.


  • Refresh your mind with true "brain breaks."
  • Avoid the "either/or" trappings of binary thinking.
  • Explore novel questions and brainstorm for new solutions.
  • Seek out fresh perspectives and expand your connections.

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