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Center for BrainHealth’s Adolescent Reasoning Initiative Named Nonprofit Team of the Year

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My Sweet Charity

Jeanne Prejean


The Adolescent Reasoning Initiative, led by Dr. Jacquelyn Gamino at the Center for BrainHealth, has been named Nonprofit Team of the Year. The team has trained over 600 middle- and high-school teachers to instill cognitive science-based programming that enhances reasoning, problem-solving and innovation among students across the entire curriculum. In the past decade, the program has reached over 80,000 students. Its impact has been recognized by educators such as the principal of D.W. Carter High School, Jonathan Smith, who has reported significant improvements among students who participated in the program. Over the pandemic, the program shifted from an in-person model to an immersive virtual platform. Still, its focus remains on empowering young students with skills to enable them to become tomorrow's problem solvers and creators in the workforce.Read more at My Sweet Charity

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Jacquelyn Gamino, PhD

Director of Adolescent Reasoning Initiative Assistant Research Professor

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