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Diverge From Habits That Distract

A businesswoman is working on her laptop and phone; distraction; multitasking.

How can you win the war against distraction?

Become proactive about minimizing distractions. What are your most common distractors notifications, noise, other people? Create ways to eliminate these within your workspace.


The brain can take 20-25 minutes to reconnect with a task after a distraction. Anticipating and eliminating sources of distraction helps save time and improve quality of work while reducing the stress hormone cortisol, enhancing opportunities for deeper thinking and creativity.


  • Focusing on the single, most important task at hand
  • Silencing technology and placing devices out of sight
  • Starting a list of when and where you encounter distractions
  • Reviewing your list and creating a plan to preemptively eliminate predictable distractions from your work environment

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