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Diverge From Habits That Distract

A businesswoman is working on her laptop and phone; distraction; multitasking.

How can you win the war against distraction?

Become proactive about minimizing distractions. What are your most common distractors – notifications, noise, other people? Create ways to eliminate these within your workspace.


The brain can take 20-25 minutes to reconnect with a task after a distraction. Anticipating and eliminating sources of distraction helps save time and improve quality of work while reducing the stress hormone cortisol, enhancing opportunities for deeper thinking and creativity.


  • Focus on the single, most important task at hand.
  • Silence technology and placing devices out of sight.
  • Maintain a list of when and where you encounter distractions.
  • Create a plan to preemptively eliminate predictable distractions from your work environment.

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