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Immerse Yourself in Music

A mature woman with earphones listens to music with a serene expression on her face.

How can your brain benefit from music?

Playing or listening to music has been shown to have a similar effect on the brain as engaging in social activities. Across the lifespan, immersing yourself in music can enrich brain function.


Playing or listening to music activates much more than the auditory cortex. Music engages almost all brain regions and networks, including ones for learning, memory, motor skills and well-being. Research has shown music can also help reduce anxiety and depression.


  • Actively and attentively listen, rather than keeping music in the background.
  • Challenge yourself to explore new music: Try genres popular with different generations.
  • Enjoy nostalgic music from your past: Use sound to trigger memories from that period.
  • Listen to how your body and mind react to different types of music so that you can choose the right music for the moment.

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