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Dallas Symphony Orchestra and UT Dallas Partner on Speech, Language, and Music Study

Nice little girl playing the violin for her parent sitting in sofa.

Dallas Innovates

Lance Murray

The DSO and UT Dallas' Speech, Language and Music (SLAM) Lab hope to better understand the impact of music training on young brains with a new study involving volunteers from the Kim Noltemy Young Musicians program.


In collaboration with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Center for BrainHealth researcher Yune Lee, PhD, aims to investigate the impact of rigorous musical training on school-age children's brain development, cognitive abilities, and social skills. This new study seeks to expand scientific evidence of music's impact on childhood development. 50 children from the DSO's Young Musicians program will participate in cognitive, language and music tasks, EEG testing, and socio-emotional questionnaires to assess the effects of music engagement. Researchers will quantify positive effects of intensive music training on academic and social outcomes by comparing students studying music to students studying visual arts. Read the full article on Dallas Innovates

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Yune S. Lee, PhD

Assistant Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Director of Speech, Language, and Music (SLAM) Laboratory

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