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Fox4ward: Boosting Memory with Electrical Current

There's lots of talk these days about boosting our mental performance.  For example, if you want to enhance your memory, how about zapping your brain with an electrical current?   Some new research indicates it could be helpful for those 60 and over.  Dr. Dan Krawczyk, Deputy Director, tells FOX 4 News about this new technique and other ways to improve memory. Dan Godwin takes a look, in this Fox4ward. “It's a very promising line of research called brain stimulation.  We do work on this topic at the Center for BrainHealth.  A lot of aging is about the loss of speed, an electrical current nudge can optimize performance for a short period of time."“A lot of research is underway to understand the appropriate amount and what is a reasonable window [of time] before you need another boost." Posted Jun 17 2019      

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