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Friends of BrainHealth Who Facilitate Groundbreaking Research and Treatments to Improve Brain Performance

The University of Texas at Dallas

Two of the most enthusiastic supporters of Center for BrainHealth®, Jennifer and Peter Roberts contributed $1 million toward the Center’s The BrainHealth Project, a groundbreaking multiyear research collaboration of scientists around the globe working to unlock the brain’s potential. Shortly after moving to Dallas, Jennifer learned about BrainHealth when she connected with a former board member of the Think Ahead Group, the center’s organization for young professionals. In 2014, Jennifer and Peter attended a roundtable to learn about Center for BrainHealth’s work and have been advocates for the center ever since. The couple has participated in the Friends of BrainHealth donor circle at the Visionary Friend level since 2017. As part of their support, the couple created the Jennifer and Peter Roberts Distinguished New Scientist award to support the independent studies of BrainHealth’s early career researchers.


“The ability to strengthen and lengthen brain capacity is something we all want. Progress in this one area would be a tremendous game-changer for our families, institutions and nation." — Peter Roberts
So far, this award has supported three researchers whose work impacts the psychological health of traumatic brain injury survivors, college students’ personal and academic success, and brain performance in aging individuals and those suffering from dementia disorders. This kind of work keeps Center for BrainHealth at the forefront of cognitive neuroscience discovery, uncovering new ways to measure and increase brain health and performance. The Roberts have also supported the Brain Performance Institute, BrainHealth’s translational arm that provides science-backed training services and assessments to increase brain health and performance, as well as the Adolescent Reasoning Initiative, which trains teachers in evidence-based strategies that empower kids to improve executive function, thereby boosting problem solving, reasoning and innovation  skills, which increase confidence, resilience and social aptitude. “Jennifer and Peter are magnanimous in every regard as unparalleled friends of Center for BrainHealth,” said Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, chief director of Center for BrainHealth. “They immediately embraced how important an investment in our vision and mission could be for humankind and continue to proactively find ways to support the cause of unlocking brain potential — from major philanthropic gifts to hosting special dinners, arranging speaking engagements, giving of their time and mind to mentor our team, and actively recruiting other supporters. We are beyond grateful for their tireless leadership and transformative gift to the BrainHealth Project.” Published on The University of Texas at Dallas

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Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD

Chief Director Dee Wyly Distinguished Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Co-Leader, The BrainHealth Project


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