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Simplify to Sharpen Your Mind

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How can you create a distraction-free environment?

In a world dominated by constant stimulation, escape from distractions may seem impossible, but taking steps to control sources of overstimulation can help restore your ability to focus.


The brain rewards you with dopamine, a "feel-good" hormone, just for seeking out distraction. But reducing the stimulations in your environment will expand the brain's attention span. Blocking out other stimuli, and focusing on a single task, helps generate true insights.


  • Maintaining a workspace free of clutter and devices
  • Thinking strategically about how environment motivates you
  • Giving yourself regular brain breaks, clearing your mind of intentional thought
  • Exploring how different senses cause distractions, and looking for solutions (like trying earbuds to minimize distracting sounds, or changing the way you light your workspace)

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