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Improve Your Focus at Any Age

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The brain has a lifelong ability to improve. It’s time to reject the notion that it is “normal” for brain performance to decline with age. Did you know that there are things you can do each day to increase or maintain your brain health and improve your focus? Over the past 3 decades, research has established that the brain is the most adaptable and flexible organ – across the entire lifespan – thanks to neuroplasticity.
Build healthy brain practices for life
Being brain healthy is a lifetime endeavor. Keep learning more strategies to strengthen your brain by joining The BrainHealth Project . It’s a research study like no other being led by cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman at the Center for BrainHealth®, part of The University of Texas at Dallas.What makes this study different from typical research is that it’s a personalized experience. You get your BrainHealth Index (an online assessment that gives you a robust snapshot in time of your brain health and performance) every six months. You get quarterly calls with a BrainHealth Coach to recommend brain-strengthening strategies based on your BrainHealth Index and personal priorities. And you get ongoing access to practical brain strategies like the ones in this article.Not only will you get to learn ways to improve your brain health and performance – you get to contribute to a landmark study that is going to change the conversation around our brains. The BrainHealth Project will last for the next 10 years and will put to rest the outdated view that cognitive decline is inevitable as we age. People of all ages and circumstances can have access to these tools and support to build a better brain, for a better life, and ultimately, create a better world.Read more in Prime Women. Published May 2021

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