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JUST IN: Legacy Of Love To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Honoring Emy Lou And Jerry Baldridge With A Royal Feast


My Sweet Charity

Jeanne Prejean


2021 Legacy of Love Co-Chairs /mom-daughter Mary Bloom and Laura Bloom Gordon have just revealed details for the Center for BrainHealth fundraiser. Talk about perfect timing for the event — Valentine’s Day (aka Sunday, February 14)! Receiving the Legacy Award will be Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge, who have for the past 15 years, “poured their hearts and energy into BrainHealth as part of their lifelong mission of championing children’s causes.” To celebrate this occasion, Mary and Laura along with Honorary Co-Chairs Jane Smith and Dee Wyly have arranged to have Darren McGrady prepare dinners delivered to guests’ homes. In addition to having been the former chef for Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Prince Harry and the late Diana, Darren was also Dee’s former chef.Read the full story on My Sweet Charity.

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