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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

A young professional plans using a transparent wipe board while focusing on a goal.

How can goals help forge a path to brain health?

Setting goals, big and small, helps your brain to grow. Tackling high-level projects piece-by-piece, making incremental progress toward bigger goals, can lessen stress and strengthen feelings of purpose and productivity.


Goals drive feelings of achievement and strengthen the brain’s frontal networks. Dopamine levels increase when you set, and when you achieve, goals. The bigger the reward, the bigger the boost. This is the feeling you have when powering through a project to meet a deadline.


  • Listing goals you want to achieve, both big and small
  • Breaking down bigger goals into smaller steps and questions to explore
  • Setting periodic benchmarks, and reflecting upon your progress over time
  • Brainstorming for varied ways to approach a high-level goal over the next few months

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