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If You Want Optimization and Innovation from Your People, Brain Health Is Key

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Jenny Donovan

A design firm shares lessons in designing a workplace that supports employee brain health.


International design firm HKS reveals ways to pair form and function in creating a productive and brain-healthy workspace. After teaming up with Center for BrainHealth, the firm shares findings from a collaborative study, like prioritizing workspaces to offer intentional wellness "affordances" to promote focus, exploration and ideation, collaboration and co-creation, rest and reflection and social connection. As the center continues to develop their brain-healthy workplace certification, researchers envision ways to empower individuals and teams with tactical tools customized to engage all levels of leadership and align with an organization's unique key performance indicators.


"Success will require participation from the top down." Jennifer Zientz, director of programs and head of clinical services, Center for BrainHealth
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Jennifer Zientz, MS, CCC-SLP

Director of Programs and Head of Clinical Services Center for BrainHealth

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