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Listen, Touch and Wander: DMA’s Speechless: Different by Design

Arts and Culture Texas

Amy Bishop


Speechless: Different by Design is more than an art exhibit. Curated by Sarah Schleuning at the Dallas Museum of Art, it is a sensory experience that represents a crossroads of neuroscience and aesthetics. The exhibit consists of six works of art that explore how design can communicate without words. The works were created by artists and designers who were brought together by a scientific advisory panel including local experts in the fields of brain health, occupational therapy, speech pathology and communication disorders. Visitors are encouraged to explore the exhibit at their own pace and to engage with the installations in a tactile and sensory manner. Some works even allow visitors to touch, sit on or squeeze various forms in the room. The exhibit aims to challenge visitors' perception of how design can communicate and convey emotions, thoughts and ideas without the use of language. Read full story on Arts and Culture Texas

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