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Make Stress Reduction Your Superpower

Athlete on top of mountain at sunset, triumphantly raising their fist to the sky.

How can you optimize your brain chemistry?

Call upon a practical, science-driven toolkit for dialing down stress and anxiety in everyday life. Simple, proven steps can lower stress and strengthen your brain's capacity for reason.


Too much stress elevates levels of noradrenaline (norepinephrine). Essential to the fight or flight response, this neurotransmitter disrupts brain functions when levels are too high. But breath controls these levels – just 30 seconds of long, slow breathing can lower your noradrenaline.


  • Seek out positive ways to connect with others.
  • Create an antidote for burnout with achievable goals and benchmarks for rewards.
  • Practice self-affirmation: Remember your values and who you are in difficult times.
  • Start new tasks by breathing: Breathe in to the count of 5, and out to the count of 6.

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