Facebook pixelMeet the Finalists: Leaders From BenefitMall, Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, and Center for BrainHealth
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Meet the Finalists: Leaders From BenefitMall, Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, and Center for BrainHealth

Innovation in healthcare

D Magazine

Three healthcare execs share their thoughts on resilience, the shift toward whole-person care, and the emerging "brain economy."
Leading up to our second annual Innovation Awards event tonight, we’re sharing excerpts from interview Q&As with all 51 finalists, one category at a time. Today, we wrap things up by featuring our three Innovation in Healthcare honorees.
Stephen White
Executive director, Center for BrainHealth 
ON INNOVATION: “Innovation comes from possibility thinking and can be learned from failure and intentionally taking different perspectives. It is a product of an overt effort to discover the unknown. What I’ve learned with our work is that becoming more innovative can be learned. You can rewire your brain to help you become a more innovative thinker.”  2020 HIGHLIGHTS: “Until last year, our assessments, training protocols, and sustained engagement delivery were largely hands-on. Over the past year, we developed and piloted the online BrainHealth Dashboard, which will revolutionize how cognitive neuroscience research is conducted and accelerate how high-performance brain training and education are delivered. The pilot phase of our signature initiative, The BrainHealth Project, was also conducted this year, despite the challenges of the pandemic. It is a large-scale, ten-year study exploring the brain’s upward potential, and it will provide research collaborators around the globe with access to well-characterized neuroscience data, including sophisticated neural imaging.”  LESSON LEARNED: “I have learned that each of us can tap into our own neural pharmacy. Although the brain, especially the part that facilitates executive functioning, is the most complex organ in our body, it is extremely easy to influence. By acting with some basic knowledge and intent, we can begin to re-architect our brains, leveraging neuroplasticity. You can cast away toxic behavior such as chronic multi-tasking, which shrinks your brain and reduces neural connectivity. You can also improve those connections and stimulate brain blood flow and performance with simple changes to your everyday life.”  RATING DFW: “I recently moved to North Texas from San Diego, which is known for its focus on technology development. My experience in North Texas has provided broader access to big thinkers, with more freedom to operate. The business culture here fosters big ideas and provides terrific access to a skilled talent pool. It sounds cliché, but Texas does ‘think big,’ and you can’t think any bigger than our founder and chief director, Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, who with the support of The University of Texas at Dallas, has created the country’s premier research and translational science facility at the Center for BrainHealth.” LOOKING AHEAD: “We are heading into a ‘brain economy’ that depends on our capacity for innovation, emotional intelligence, and flexible adaptation. To borrow a phrase from one of our collaborators, ‘brain capital’ is going to drive not only the global economy, but also how we interact with each other in a more productive, collaborative manner. Our team, supported by some of the leading cognitive neuroscientists around the world, is leading that charge.” 
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Stephen B. White, JD

Chief Operating Officer


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