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Close Observation, Empathy and Compassion

Podcast with Bonnie Pitman, Director of Art-Brain Innovation at UT Dallas Center for BrainHealth – MuseumX, Episode 11: Close Observation, Empathy and Compassion, Part 1 & 2.


Stefanie Mabadi


Bonnie Pitman, former director of the Dallas Museum of Art, explores how to use observation to foster empathy and compassion. In this episode of MuseumX: Designing Experiences for Good, Bonnie shares highlights from her Power of Observation Framework™ with host Stefanie Mabadi.


"Play is one of the most important ways that we learn. ... Regrettably, as adults over time, we've lost some of that ability to play, but transforming is very much about being playful, with yourself and with others – asking questions, like 'if I want to remember this view of the Grand Canyon, let's all look at it and then turn our backs and call out five of six words that are as specific as possible, then turn around and see if you can find your list?' That's where you're also beginning to connect with other people's experiences – that's a very important part of transformation, shared experiences." – Bonnie Pitman
Their discussion includes examples of how to apply the framework in daily life and how Bonnie is implementing this methodology in her work at Center for BrainHealth.Listen to both parts of the podcast on MuseumX

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Bonnie Pitman

Director Art-Brain Innovations Distinguished Scholar in Residence for The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History (EODIAH)

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