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Perceive With Positive Intentions

A relaxed young man is with a dog on the grass in a public park located in Prague, Czech Republic. He is happy and content while being in nature.

How can perception boost your brainpower?

When you feel like complaining, take a moment to reframe your perspective. You are what you perceive: Turn away from negative thinking, and seek out ideas to help move you forward.


A shift in mindset, even one from negativity to neutral thinking, rewires the brain and increases mental flexibility – but only when this shift becomes habitual. Being mindful to recognize and reframe negative thoughts allows individuals to exert some control over their own brain health.


  • Seek out new ways to show kindness to others.
  • Be intentional in recognizing and stopping negative ways of thinking.
  • Avoid negative assumptions and cut yourself (and others) some slack.
  • Take time to pause and refocus, perhaps by meditating or keeping a gratitude journal.

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