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Train Your Body; Train Your Brain

A father and son stop to stretch and encourage each other by the side of an exercise path.

How can physical exercise strengthen your brain?

Raising your heart rate helps you make gains in thinking, learning, problem-solving and emotional balance.


Regular aerobic exercise can increase the size of the anterior hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning, while increasing delivery of oxygen to the brain and promoting new neural connections.


  • Decide what fits your schedule. Maybe start with a daily walk or by approaching some chores as exercises.
  • Try connecting with others as you exercise. Consider groups offering low impact exercise or a safe sport.
  • Or make exercise a time for inner reflection. An exercise practice that becomes a solitary time for self-care can enhance perspective-taking and nurture mindfulness.
  • Set achievable, short-term benchmarks. Track your progress over time and consult with a medical professional to make sure your fitness regimen is right for you.
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