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Great Brain Gain

Get proactive

about your

brain health

Text GAIN to 888-844-8991 to start!
You eat right and exercise to stay physically fit. But what do you do to strengthen your brain?
Our brains can start to decline as early as our 30’s, but research shows decline is not inevitable if we practice brain-healthy strategies. So become intentional about brain fitness – transform your overall wellness, mental energy, strategic thinking, innovation and more.
Be part of the Great Brain Gain movement.

3 Ways to Join the Movement

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Text GAIN to 888-844-8991

Join our 7-day text challenge* – take simple steps toward better brain health by learning and applying daily brain-healthy tips.
  • Improve focus
  • Increase AHA moments
  • Reframe mistakes or challenges
  • Find your brain’s "prime time"
  • Improve memory
  • Spark curiosity
  • Enhance mental flexibility
On Day 1: Learn something surprising, that most of us do every day that hinders focus, and learn what to do instead. Watch a quick, fun video with the science behind it. Then, we’ll challenge you to put your new skill to work.
Text GAIN to 888-844-8991 to get all 7 days!
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Participate in BrainHealth Week 2024.

Participate in BrainHealth Week 2024

During the week of February 19, we have something for everyone – family activities for all ages, thought-provoking talks, conversations that foster connection and impact, and much more.
Register for the BrainHealth Family Fair (Saturday, Feb. 24).
Get virtual access to talks including special guests Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Arianna Huffington.
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Quiz yourself – are your daily habits toxic?

What you do in daily life makes a difference in your long-term brain health.
Answer 8 quick questions to find out how helpful or harmful your habits are.
How brain-healthy are your habits?

Science of Brain Gain

For the past 25 years, BrainHealth research has shown evidence of the brain's lifelong ability to improve.