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Guests Made a "Rainbow Connection" at BrainHealth’s 25th Anniversary Gala

Center for BrainHealth's 25th Anniversary Gala.

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In April 2024, Center for BrainHealth celebrated 25 years of success alongside a who’s-who of Dallas at the swank Hotel Swexan in the Harwood District. Around 200 guests gathered to mark a quarter-century of BrainHealth’s mission to enhance, preserve and restore brain health. Over that time, the center has built a community of supporters and followers while publishing copious peer-reviewed research articles and collaborating with hundreds of scientists, researchers and community leaders.
Distinguished guests gather with Dr. Sandi Chapman at Center for BrainHealth's 25th anniversary Gala.

Standing (from left): Todd Platt, Tom Leppert, Linda and Joel Robuck, Lee Roy Jordan, Daryl Johnston, Dan Branch and Sandi Chapman; Seated (from left): Dianne Cash, Debbie Francis and Dee Wyly

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Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD

Chief Director Dee Wyly Distinguished Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Co-Leader, The BrainHealth Project

Tom Leppert

Co-Leader of The BrainHealth Project BrainHealth Cabinet

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Todd has served as a longtime advisory board member, leader in the BrainHealth Limitless campaign and advocate for programs that support better brain health. Still, he quipped that the evening's presentation focused too much on him. "Tonight is not about me and the award," he said. "Rather, tonight is about brain health."

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