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Reclaim Inspiration and "Aha Moments"

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How can you be intentional about finding inspiration?

Discoveries may happen unexpectedly, and innovation often comes about by accident. So how can you plan for "aha moments" when brilliant ideas so often come to mind without reason?


Familiarity breeds rote thinking and stagnation. So when you need a creative breakthrough, try something new. The brain thrives on innovative thinking. Start by looking for ways to make incremental changes that can strengthen creativity in the way you think, work and live.


  • Asking "outside the box" questions to explore new ideas
  • Gathering different points of view to consider, while withholding bias
  • Brainstorming for several varied approaches, without immediately eliminating any of them
  • Resetting your thoughts with regular brain breaks: Literally do nothing (and think about nothing) for five full minutes

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