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Reconnect With Your Surroundings

An architect whose face is obscured creates renderings and works with models for a design.

How do your surroundings shape your brain health?

Your connection to the world around you matters to your brain health. Being consumed by modern life and technology is common, but so is a feeling of disconnection from the world.


Connecting with nature has been shown to boost cognition as well as happiness. Color, lighting and noise can influence how the brain works. When you cannot be in nature, cultivating an environment that elicits positive sensations can help reduce stress and elevate brain function.


  • Bring brain-healthy sensory experiences into other spaces.
  • Enrich your surroundings with color, like calming shades of blue and green.
  • Explore different types of light, and how effects change throughout the day.
  • Maintain a comfortable noise level for the time and purpose, playing music to relax or energize and find ways to reduce intrusive sounds, like using noise-blocking headphones.

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