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Seek Adventure in Summertime

Young adults hike to an exotic mountain range.

How can summer refresh your brain?

Summer can inspire us to change up routines and gain perspective through new discoveries and adventures.


Trying new things activates dopamine, a brain chemical that makes us feel good. When we learn new things, our brain forms new connections. Breaking out of your normal routine can renew your energy by giving you a fresh perspective and expanding possibilities.


  • Get inspired to try new things. Experiment with a new hobby or set out on adventure. Take advantage of the seasonal change in routine to do something uplifting that you have never done before.
  • Seek out moments of awe and wonder. Taking time to reflect on the beauty of nature and the people around you can help to process your emotions, encourage mindfulness and manage stress.
  • Reconnect with old friends, or make new ones. Taking time to cultivate important relationships in daily life can promote psychological well-being, physical health and even longevity.
  • Break for hydration. Summer is the perfect time to strengthen brain-healthy habits, like paying more attention to hydration and sugar intake (especially in coffee and energy drinks).
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