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‘The Trauma You Don’t Transform, You Transmit.’

The panel discussing among themselves.

Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

Early intervention is key to promoting brain health and avoiding the criminal justice system, Institute’s Yolanda Lewis tells Brain³ Summit.


Yolanda Lewis of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute (MMHPI) emphasizes the enduring importance of human interaction for brain health. At the Brain³ Summit in Dallas, she highlighted initiatives like MMHPI's Person-Centered Triage Approach, designed to engage people experiencing a mental health crisis with a response that sees them individually and recognizes their humanity. Lewis underscored the urgency of addressing behavioral health challenges early. Proactive steps help avoid interactions with the criminal justice system. Noting the system's failure to provide timely diagnosis and treatment of individuals experiencing a crisis, she emphasized the need to change our systems and how communities think.


"We are going to say to kids, ‘you don’t have to be in trouble to get help. We are going to wrap services around you and help you.' Systems have to respond differently, because they can." – Yolanda Lewis
The MMHPI aims to identify and support at-risk youth to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma. They plan to implement community-based interventions to promote well-being and resilience, emphasizing the necessity for responsive systems capable of addressing complex challenges.Read the full article at the MMHPI

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Milan Sevak, EdD

Inaugural Executive Director University of North Texas, Center for Socioeconomic Mobility Through Education

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