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Tips for CEOs: Habits to Continuously Improve Your Brain Health

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Stephen White


High-performance brain training can significantly enhance an executive's career by teaching them to harness stress productively and improve brain performance and resilience. To enhance brain functionality, adopt brain-healthy habits, including taking five-minute brain breaks each day, reflecting intentionally on the day's big takeaways, and being selective about the inputs received. Chronic stress shrinks our brains, makes us shallow thinkers, and is more error-prone. Executives should allow their brains to integrate disparate information in the background, making their brains do what they're designed to do. Pruning our intake by putting away the phone in meetings and resisting the urge to take non-stop notes is also essential. Making brain health and performance part of the everyday routine can transform one's career.Read full story.

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Stephen B. White, JD

Chief Operating Officer


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