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Train Your Brain for Gains with Center for BrainHealth

Train your brain for gains with Center for BrainHealth in Dallas, Texas.

New York Living

JD Roberto, Alex Lee, Marysol Castro and Tracy Chevrier


In the last century, we have doubled the human life span. Yet our brain health peaks in our 20s and can begin to decline in our 30s. We focus on making gains for the body, but what about making gains for your brain? Center for BrainHealth is making 2024 the year of the Great Brain Gain! You can join a growing movement to help transform your overall wellness, mental energy, strategic thinking, innovation and more. Cognitive neuroscientist Julie Fratantoni, PhD, joins the hosts of New York Living to share a really simple place to start, the 7-day text challenge. Join anytime – just text GAIN to 888-844-8991. Each day of the week, you get a tip with a challenge and some brain science behind it, nudging you to take simple steps toward better brain health using tools that support attention, innovation, mental energy and even memory. Text challenge powered by Amazon Web Services


"So much of what you hear in the news is about disease, doubt and decline. We want to change that conversation and give people tools they can use in their daily lives to make gains. You don't have to add more to your schedule. It's just about changing what you are doing and doing it in a brain-healthier way." – Dr. Julie Fratantoni
For 25 years, Center for BrainHealth, part of The University of Texas at Dallas, has led research into ways to strengthen and improve brain fitness across the lifespan. Read the full article on WPIX

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Julie Fratantoni, PhD, CCC-SLP

Head of Research Integration and Partnerships Center for BrainHealth

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