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Be an ACTIONist

A group of people help one another reach the apex of a mountain.
We hope you are inspired by the Brain³ Summit! Being an ACTIONist means you put your brain first – and at the center of what you do.  
Today, we want you to pledge to take a step for yourself and your sphere of influence.
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Become a BrainHealth Champion

A group of friends gather on a sunlit rooftop for an energizing high five.
Sign up to cultivate leaders within your organization who will advocate for proactive brain health.
This inaugural workshop, scheduled for mid-2024, will bring together a limited number of groups and organizations and empower participants to create impact.

Continue Your BrainHealth Journey

A person climbing a steep hill with an overlay of a city skyline.
Join research that is advancing our knowledge of how to leverage the brain’s power of neuroplasticity, irrespective of age or circumstance.

Stay Connected

Guests gather for an event at Center for BrainHealth in Dallas, Texas.
Join the Great Brain Gain movement and sign up for more events and scientific conversations.