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Brain³ Summit

Images of brain-healthy people thriving appear next to the logo for the 2024 Brain³ summit, which reads: BrainHealth, Brain Science, Brainomics™.

FEB 21-22, 2024

Flipping the Script on Brain Health

Thank you for being part of the 2024 Brain³ Summit, a first-of-its-kind gathering to share visionary thinking on the power of proactive, preventive brain health – based on the latest brain science – and its enormous economic benefit (Brainomics™).
Let's set the wheels in motion to build a better future for all generations by joining forces with other action-oriented leaders to drive change that will transform lives!
Real Lives: Lived Experiences shares the hope we find in brain health breakthroughs. This video was made possible by the PKW Fund at The Dallas Foundation.



A young Black woman presents a VR simulation of the inside of the human brain.

Day One: The Context

Experiencing How Leading Experts Have Set the Stage for Better Solutions

Drawing on data and analysis presented by McKinsey Health Institute, we examined the current state of brain health across generations and offered insights from clinicians and coaches working in the field.
Our lunchtime speaker (virtual) Arianna Huffington shared thoughts on “thriving” from her global work with companies and individuals struggling with burnout and malaise.
An afternoon neurotech showcase placed a spotlight on innovative new approaches to understanding and improving our brains. A panel of nationally renowned neuroscientists shared recent breakthroughs in defining, measuring and improving brain health. The day wrapped up with a focus on brain health equity, and a challenge by Adm. (ret.) William McRaven to spur change that will benefit all.
Engineers use augmented reality to create a 3D model for green energy turbine.

Day Two: Diving Into Action

Concepting New Paths to Transform Every Sector of Society

A morning conversation between Sarah Lenz Lock, executive director of the Global Council on Brain Health and Sanjay Gupta, CNN's Emmy Award-winning chief medical correspondent focused on why now is the time for widespread adoption of brain-healthy practices. We have never had more upward potential – or more urgency to reverse decline.
In a series of exercises facilitated by renowned design thinkers Bruce Mau and Bisi Williams of Massive Change Network, we reimagined the future and created actionable steps that will equip each of us to lead in the movement to bring better brain health to all.
Aiyemobisi “Bisi” Williams and Bruce Mau, co-founders, Massive Change Network


“We are thrilled to be leading a hands-on transformation design workshop at the Brain³ Summit! The idea of convening thought leaders from diverse fields to exchange knowledge, build relationships and develop new perspectives is in itself visionary. It will be a golden opportunity for engendering innovative, practical ideas about how we can create and implement the change required now to build the future we want for ourselves, our communities and the planet.” Aiyemobisi “Bisi” Williams and Bruce Mau Co-Founders, Massive Change Network

Who Attended Brain³ Summit

Center for BrainHealth building at dusk.
Brain³ Summit was a by-invitation, in-person event, portions of which were live-streamed to a virtual audience.
Participants included:
  • Changemakers in policy, business, education, technology, science and healthcare who can advocate for better brain health in their respective spheres of influence.
  • Experts at the forefront of innovation and futurecasting.
  • Individuals from each generation who can bring their lived experience to the conversation.
The event was hosted by Center for BrainHealth, a nonprofit cognitive neuroscience research center of UT Dallas that has been researching, developing and testing innovative approaches to enhance and extend the brain's health and performance for 25 years.