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Family-Friendly Talks

Engaging Families in the Great Brain Gain!

Kids having fun at Center for BrainHealth's Family Fair.
Get curious about your brain with family-friendly talks, livestreamed from Center for BrainHealth.
Las tres pláticas serán traducidas simultáneamente en persona y trasmitidas en español.

Livestreamed Talks

A City of Dallas Proclamation

City of Dallas logo.
Mayor Eric Johnson has proclaimed February 19-24, 2024 as BrainHealth Week, recognizing “brain health as a significant part of our overall health, which is responsible for fueling our ability to communicate, make decisions, problem-solve, and support a sound quality of life.”
Read the proclamation

Thank You

Logo for BrainHealth Week 2024.


Rather than focusing on decline, disease and doubt, we want people to feel empowered to proactively improve their brain’s fitness through simple daily habits that make a difference.
BrainHealth Week brings together communities to learn about brain health and celebrate their potential. This annual event is led by Center for BrainHealth, a recognized pioneer and leader in the science and practice of brain health.
For 25 years, we have advanced understanding and extend brain gains – thank you for joining us in 2024 for a special BrainHealth Week, as we celebrate our silver anniversary and your limitless brain potential.