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Charisma Coach Launchpad

Welcome Charisma Coaches

Charisma™ is a flexible virtual training platform combined with live, interactive social coaching. Trained experts teach cognitive strategies to enhance the way individuals think, work and thrive socially.

Access your Charisma™ Coach launchpad here! Use this coaching toolkit to successfully deliver Charisma-Virtual Social Coaching and elevate social brain health and performance.

Your Session Guide

Charisma Virtual Social Coaching Manual & Supplemental Materials

For Session 1, access the Charisma Virtual Social Coaching guide and I-ASSER2T™ checklists to set up for success and discover the power of creating new connections in meaningful ways. With over 40 conversations, you have multiple options – where to go, how to respond, and the best way to track progress, in Charisma.

Your Strategy Coaching

Recognizing Others: Bounce, Focus & Uncover

Let’s take something that we do every day and give it special attention. Social Attention.

For Session 2, you will introduce the first set of 3 strategies. Reading the room, which involves strategic attention – the ability to examine relevant, important social cues – drives your social learners to form accurate impressions.

Responding to Others: Link, Balance & Flex

Communication is the key to creating strong social connections.

For Session 3, you will cover the second set of 3 strategies. Being social, which involves theory of mind – the ability to consider the thoughts, intentions and feelings of self and others – sets the stage for your social learners to find balance in their world.

Social Resiliency: Step-Up, Customize & Thrive

A flexible mind leads to innovative problem solving.

For Session 4, you will present the final set of 3 strategies. Solving relational dilemmas and taking social risks supports resilience – the ability to adapt and change in the face of a challenge – and allows your social learners to show up as their best social self.

The Charisma Coaching Portal showing past and upcoming coaching calls.

Your Charisma Portal

Create and manage your user accounts in the Charisma™ portal.