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Why Are Eating Habits So Hard to Change? (and How We Can Leverage Our Brain to Do the Work for Us)

Judson Brewer, MD, PhD

Why are eating habits so hard to change?

About the talk

Why doesn’t willpower work to change eating habits? And how we can leverage our brain to do the work for us? Discover one simple ingredient to change eating habits: awareness.
Jud Brewer, MD, PhD, (“Dr. Jud”) is back to celebrate BrainHealth's 25th anniversary and discuss how long it really takes to break a bad habit or form a healthy one. The People's Choice winner is a New York Times best-selling author and thought leader in the field of habit change and the “science of self-mastery,” who blends over 20 years of experience with mindfulness training and a career in scientific research.
Dr. Jud is the director of research and innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center, where he also serves as an associate professor in Behavioral and Social Sciences at the School of Public Health and Psychiatry at the School of Medicine at Brown University.
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