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Understanding Human High-Level Perception Using Naturalistic Stimuli

Jiahui Guo, PhD – Assistant Professor of Psychology and External Fellow at the Center for Vital Longevity, UT Dallas

About the Talk

An accurate perception of the surrounding environment is critical for us to function effectively in the complex real world. For example, we need to recognize our families and friends, navigate ourselves in new places, and make social interactions with others. Studies on human high-level perception help people better interact with the world and provide insights into the functional principles of the human brain.
In this talk, Dr. Jiahui Guo will introduce research on human high-level perception using naturalistic stimuli combined with computational methods, neuropsychological populations, and deep neural networks. She will talk about the neural basis of a neuropsychological population (prosopagnosia) with deficits in high-level perception and also demonstrate that functionally specialized brain areas for human high-level perception can be estimated with high fidelity from movie watching using hyperalignment, and can be generalized across different movie contents, languages, and other parameters. Finally, Dr. Guo will briefly discuss studies on using deep neural networks to understand human cognitive and neural representations under naturalistic situations.
Dr. Guo’s research focuses on human high-level perception and cognition (e.g, face recognition, social perception) in typical and neuropsychological populations, combining research techniques such as naturalistic stimuli, neuroimaging, behavioral measurements, computational modeling, and artificial neural networks.
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