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BrainHealth Calendar

Mythbusting: Social Media for Good

Meet the neuroscientist with one million followers, and hear him dispel some of the most common brain health myths, drawing upon the latest science. Dr. Ben Rein is a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford and a prolific science communicator.

The Age of Scientific Wellness

Interdisciplinary scientist Lee Hood, MD, PhD, advocates for a shift in the traditional healthcare model from a disease focus to a prevention and wellness approach, and envisions a future of predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory (P4) healthcare achieved through a systems approach to biology.

Bridging the Gap: Science Advancement and the Medical Need

How can researchers unite scientific progress with medical necessity? Hear from Iftach Dolev, PhD, the distinguished neuroscientist and entrepreneur who established QuantalX Neuroscience to create groundbreaking tools for early and objective detection of functional brain disorders.

Reflections of the First Black Female Graduate of U.S. Naval Academy

Hear the fascinating story of the first Black woman to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy. Janie Mines went on to earn an MBA as a Sloan Fellow at MIT and develop deep expertise in change management.

The Venture in Brainomics

Andrew Nevin, PhD leads the Brainomics™ Venture at Center for BrainHealth and UT Dallas, an initiative to to translate 30 years of brain health science into economic impacts by measuring the economic outcomes of improving brain health and performance.

Motivated Memory in Older Age

Psychologist Holly Bowen, PhD, deciphers the links between emotion, motivation and memory, using behavioral paradigms, computational modeling and neuroimaging to explore the cognitive and neural mechanisms supporting affect-modulated encoding and retrieval.

Art of BrainHealth

Hosted by Center for BrainHealth in collaboration with the UT Dallas School of Arts, Humanities, and Technology, this free event includes an art exhibition, awards ceremony and interactive selection of the People's Choice Award.