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In-Person: Women's Brains

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Emily Jacobs, PhD

The New Science of Women’s Brain Health

About the Talk

How do changing hormonal conditions shape the human brain? What does healthy aging look like for women’s brain health? Dr. Emily Jacobs discusses new research on the structural and functional changes that occur as the brain ages and what it means for women’s health.
Historical factors have severely limited understanding of women's brain health. Dr. Jacobs shares new research on how historically-overlooked women's health factors affect brain health – including the rhythmic production of steroids across the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and the transition to menopause. Neuroscience research has almost entirely ignored these features of the mammalian endocrine system, and at great cost. The brain is an endocrine organ, yet we have little insight into how sex hormones shape the human brain. Her research aims to reveal critical clues about why endocrine transition states are a period of vulnerability for neurological conditions like depression and dementia, disorders that are twice as common in women than men.


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Event Details

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We are located at 2200 West Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75235
Please enter the parking lot from Forest Park Road. BrainHealth Presents is held inside the Brain Performance Institute, the second building after you enter the gate.