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CBH Center for BrainHealth inside photo event February lectures The Brain: An Owner's Guide

Ushering Brain Health into the Public Sphere

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Whether you seek the latest neuroscience breakthroughs or a better understanding of your personal brain fitness – the Center for BrainHealth® offers an exciting array of educational events to raise awareness and promote the importance of brain health.
Join discussions on cutting-edge cognitive research, and help empower your community to advocate for brain health. Check out our signature event series – BrainHealth Presents.

Signature Events

A young woman of color smiling as she accesses information on her smartphone.

Thank you for participating in BrainHealth Week 2023!

Our first annual BrainHealth Week featured five days of fun, interactive experiences to inspire healthy-brain habits. Check back for information on our next BrainHealth Week to take place in February 2024!