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Virtual Events

Our virtual talks and expert speakers will inspire you to become an advocate for for brain health in your community. Cutting-edge cognitive research shows the right steps can strengthen brain health and transform your overall wellness.
In 2024, Center for BrainHealth celebrates its 25th anniversary – and our continued commitment to discovering new science-backed approaches to bring to the public.
Questions about virtual events? Email brainhealthevents@utdallas.edu

Gray Matters: A Biography of Brain Surgery

FRIDAY AT LUNCHTIME: Bestselling author, international speaker and neurosurgeon Dr. Theodore H. Schwartz shares a surgeon’s perspective on major advances in the history of brain health and the science significance of popular brain-related topics in a fireside chat with neurologist and longtime friend Mitch Elkind, MD, of the American Heart Association.


Eating for Better Brain Health: The Power of Neuroprotective Foods

Can what you eat slow down the aging process of the brain? It's true! Physician Annie Fenn, MD, joins neuroscientist Julie Fratantoni, PhD, for a fireside chat about how to improve your life using the science behind brain-protective diets. Sponsored by The Gratitude Fund at the Dallas Foundation.


Neuroimaging and Genetic Research Into Cerebrovascular Diseases and Acute Stroke

Vascular neurologist Natalia Rost, MD, has devoted her career to neuroimaging of acute stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases, the role of genetics in acute cerebral ischemia, and advancing outcome prediction in patients with acute stroke.


The Secret Synergies Between Growth Mindset and Stress

Psychologist Dr. David Yeager studies the processes shaping adolescent development, especially how factors of social cognition and physiology interact with each other to create positive or negative trajectories for youth. His research seeks to influence these psychological processes, so as to improve developmental and educational outcomes for youth. He is a professor at UT Austin.


Why is Brain Health Important for the Global Conversation about Human Flourishing?

What is human flourishing, or the "fullness of life," and what factors promote it? How do answers vary across cultures? This talk will discuss initiatives to establish a Global Community of Practice for Flourishing and what the construct of flourishing adds to wellness, happiness and well-being.