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Eat to Enrich Brainpower

The basis for a brain-healthy daily diet, whole foods like leafy greens, berries, nuts and fatty fish support a healthy heart – and a healthy brain.

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An Organized Life and a Sharp Mind Go Hand in Hand

Keep your workspace clear of clutter and free of distractions. Our brain functions better when our environment is organized.

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Overused Brain = Underutilized Potential

Your brain thrives when challenged to think deeply, but constant mental work squelches creativity and efficiency. Make brain downtime a priority.

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Leverage Failure to Realize Potential

What a failure means to your brain is all about your perspective. Identifying ways to move forward in a positive direction ignites higher-level thinking.

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Top-down Processing Improves Communication

Deliver information with intentionality. This makes communication more effective and strengthens brain networks.

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Goal-setting Boosts Motivation and Productivity

Your brain needs goals to work toward. Setting goals drives achievement and strengthens your brain’s frontal networks.

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Sleep on It

Your brain is able to solve complex problems when at rest. The next time you feel stuck, without a solution to a problem, see what fresh solutions you generate by the next morning, or even just take a nap!

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Escape the “One Right Answer” Mentality

When presented with a problem, fight the urge to go with your first solution or the solution you’ve used before. This fosters possibility thinking and strengthens brain networks responsible for decision-making and problem-solving.

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Good for the Heart = Good for the Brain

Make time for physical fitness, and watch what you eat.

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Disengage to Inspire Innovation

Taking a few minutes to disengage throughout the day helps downregulate stress and recharge mental energy, allowing a boost in inspired thinking.

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Synchronize Through Single-tasking

"Cells that fire together wire together." Science shows when neural pathways repeatedly and persistently activate together, associations take shape.

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Connect New Ideas to the Past

Applying knowledge from the past to newly-learned information helps to enhance cognitive flexibility and inform behavior in future situations.

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Expand Your Mental Resources

People often gravitate toward easy options, but one-dimensional thinking stifles fluid intelligence — how flexibly one applies learning in new ways.

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Build Brain Health Through Empathy

A true exploration of new perspectives may require kindness and understanding, which elevates well-being and activates the reward center of the brain.

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Optimize "Prime Time" Productivity

Your brain works differently throughout the day. Listening to your natural rhythm helps reserve "prime time" for deep, focused thinking.