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Make Stress Reduction Your Superpower

Call upon practical, science-driven tools to dial down stress and anxiety. Simple, proven steps can lower stress and strengthen your brain's capacity for reason.

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Eat to Enrich Brainpower

The basis for a brain-healthy daily diet, whole foods like leafy greens, berries, nuts and fatty fish support a healthy heart – and a healthy brain.

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Aim for Higher-Level Goals

Goal-setting can rewire the brain, strengthening a sense of purpose and encouraging the planning and prioritization needed to tackle larger goals.

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Find Balance Through Relaxation

Your brain thrives when challenged to think deeply, but constant mental work causes stress and inefficiency. Make brain downtime a priority.

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Leverage Failure to Realize Potential

What a failure means to your brain is all about your perspective. Identifying ways to move forward in a positive direction ignites higher-level thinking.

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Practice Intentional Communications

A top-down approach to delivering information adds clarity to your message while encouraging curiosity, engagement and improved communications.

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Immerse Yourself in Music

Across the lifespan, playing or listening to music has been shown to have a similar effect on the brain activity as engaging in social activities.

A young professional plans using a transparent wipe board while focusing on a goal.

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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Goals keep you moving forward. Dopamine levels increase when you set goals, and also when you achieve them, strengthening feelings of purpose.

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Refresh Your Thinking With Sleep

Your brain can resolve complex problems even when at rest. Next time you feel stuck, generate fresh ideas with a good night's sleep or a strategic power nap.

A group of friends smiling and working out together.

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Get Your Heart Rate Up

Working out your body doesn't just build muscles. Your brain benefits too, with improved thinking, learning, problem-solving and emotional balance.

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Revitalize Your Visionary Mindset

Creativity can be learned. Fight the urge to act upon the first or most familiar solution to a problem and seek ways to apply possibility thinking instead.

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Reclaim Inspiration and "Aha Moments"

The brain thrives on innovative thinking. When you need a creative breakthrough, making incremental changes can strengthen how you think, work and live.

A happy elderly woman is eating healthy outside.

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Keep Your Brain Close to Your Heart

Practices that support cardiovascular health also support cognition and brain performance, revealing a heightened payoff for these healthy habits.

A relaxed man sits in front of computer with eyes closed. This setting is in an office.

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Disengage to Inspire Innovation

Taking a few minutes to disengage throughout the day helps downregulate stress and recharge mental energy, allowing a boost in inspired thinking.

 A focused female student with glasses is studying in a school or library setting. Youth. Teen.

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Filter Ideas to Gain Strategic Focus

You live in a seemingly endless sea of information, which can overwhelm the ability to concentrate. Seek out what you need, and set aside the rest.