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Create a challenge mindset.

Reframe difficult situations by verbally telling yourself “this is a challenge” instead of perceiving the situation as a threat.

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Success = Flexible mental resources

Often we crave easy decisions and autopilot, but routines and rote thinking fail to nourish our creativity. 

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Build compassion through perspective-taking.

Engage your mental flexibility by seeing and appreciating the perspectives of others. This practice expands your innovative capacity and makes you more compassionate.

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Calibrate your brain’s resources.

Identify your brain’s daily “prime time” – when you feel the most mentally sharp – and set aside time during that window to knock out tasks that require deeper thinking and focused attention.

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Our brain performance is enhanced by motivation.

Choose several skills or hobbies that you are passionate about and become a master of them, rather than spreading your brain power too thin across many areas.

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Social connectedness strengthens brain functioning.

Strong social networks have a positive influence on overall brain health. Place a high value on your social network and look for ways to advance your social relationships.

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Continual learning and education builds protective cognitive reserves.

The brain thrives on learning. When we stop learning, our brain performance can become stagnant.

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An organized life and sharp mind go hand in hand.

Keep your workspace clear of clutter and free of distractions. Our brain functions better when our environment is organized.

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Expressing gratitude has brain health benefits

Gratitude isn’t just an act of kindness. When you express gratitude, you’re also boosting your own emotional well-being and reducing stress.

A stressed businesswoman is surrounded by floating office objects indicating her numerous tasks of the day.

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Overuse of Brain = Underutilized Potential

Your brain thrives when challenged to think deeply, but constant mental work squelches creativity and efficiency. Make brain downtime a priority.

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Failures are fertile ground for improvements.

Rumination over failures is bad for brain health. Instead, reframe failures/mistakes as opportunities for growth. This will ignite innovation and boost brain performance.

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Top-down processing improves communication.

Deliver information with intentionality. This makes communication more effective and strengthens brain networks.

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Multitasking is toxic to your brain and your health.

The brain is wired to perform one task at a time. When you believe you are multitasking, your brain is actually switching quickly between tasks, causing fatigue that decreases efficiency and performance.

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Goal-setting boosts motivation and productivity.

Your brain needs goals to work toward. Setting goals drives achievement and strengthens your brain’s frontal networks.

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Sleep on it.

Your brain is able to solve complex problems when at rest. The next time you feel stuck, without a solution to a problem, see what fresh solutions you generate by the next morning, or even just take a nap!