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Rouse Teacher Excellence Award

The Sandy and Tommy Rouse BrainHealth Teacher Excellence Award recognizes one outstanding teacher each year for their depth of knowledge and successful implementation of Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics (SMART™) Brain Training, with noteworthy academic improvement in their students.
Schools from across Texas, of all socio-economic means, have joined a revolutionary training program and improved student outcomes.
Since 2010, the Adolescent Reasoning Initiative™ has trained more than 600 teachers, reaching 86,000+ middle and high school students with transformational strategies to build higher-order reasoning across all subjects and throughout life.
In this video, longtime BrainHealth donors share why the program's exponential impact motivates them to get involved.

Award Recipients

a nonprofit cognitive neuroscience research center of UT Dallas

An athlete gazes triumphantly into a bright horizon.
Research shows that when we adopt healthier brain habits, cognitive function can often be enhanced or extended.
Since 1999, Center for BrainHealth has been committed to researching and publishing the latest brain health science discoveries and bringing new science-backed approaches to the public.
We celebrate our 25th anniversary with the launch of the Great Brain Gain – inspiring people to focus on proactive gains rather than drains. Our goal is to empower communities to strengthen brain fitness through daily habits that make a difference.

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