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Our Youth’s Mental Health Crisis

BrainHealth research Jacquelyn Gamino, PhD, works with her team on a science-based brain training for middle school teachers and students.

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Jacquelyn Gamino, PhD, discusses the deteriorating mental health crisis faced by today's youth with Dallas-area television program Perspective Matters, joining host Amanda Schnetzer and fellow guests Michelle Forbes, MD, of Catalyst Health Network and Kacie Kelly of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute (MMHPI).With decades of experience researching adolescent brain development, Dr. Gamino attributes increasing rates of stress, anxiety and depression in youths, especially when considering the developmental stages of a young mind, in part to a culture that thrives on information overload.


"We are inundated with information as adults. We are bombarded with information all the time, and adults sometimes forget that children don't have the ability to reason through a lot of that information, really sort it, think deeply about it, and be critical about what they are hearing. So they feel overwhelmed a lot of the time, which adds to stress and anxiety." – Dr. Jacquelyn Gamino
Dr. Gamino shares how Center for BrainHealth has worked with schoolteachers and students for decades, in 2010 establishing the Adolescent Reasoning Initiative™ as a teacher-training program. Gamino and her team share brain science knowledge and SMART™ strategies tailored for teaching adolescent minds with working teachers, helping to strengthen understanding of brain health and tools for higher-order thinking among countless students. Research shows these strategies can be effective in transforming real-world classrooms through improved stress response, reduced anxiety and improved learning.Watch the whole segment on Perspective Matters

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Jacquelyn Gamino, PhD

Director of Adolescent Reasoning Initiative Assistant Research Professor

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