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Improving Classroom Communication: The Effects of Virtual Social Training on Communication and Assertion Skills in Middle School Students

A middle school student eagerly raising a hand to answer a question during a classroom lesson with peers.

Frontiers in Education

Maria Teresa Johnson, Aimee Herron Troy, Kathleen Michelle Tate, Tandra Toon Allen, Aaron Michael Tate and Sandra Bond Chapman

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This study examined the relationship between teacher identification of socially at-risk students and baseline ratings of the students' social skills. Researchers also looked at the feasibility of an eight-session virtual social training to assist these students. The students then underwent the virtual training, with significant improvement in their social skills after the final session.
Social training being conducted online in three virtual locations: outside a school, in a classroom, and at a playground with basketball courts.

Virtual locations (A) Outside school; Participant, Faux Peer, Coach (B) School classroom; Participant, Faux Peer, Coach (C) Playground and Basketball Courts; Participant, two Faux Peers.

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Maria Johnson, MA, CCC-SLP

Director, Youth and Family Innovations Lead Research Clinician and Trainer, Charisma Virtual Social Coaching

Tandra Allen, MS, CCC-SLP

Assistant Director of Research

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