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Prioritize Your Brain Health with the Great Brain Gain

Prioritize Your Brain Health with the Great Brain Gain show artwork.

LilaMax Media

Jane King


In this segment from Innovators, Julie Fratantoni, PhD, joins host Jane King to talk about how the Great Brain Gain is making brain fitness the next big fitness movement. Dr. Fratantoni shares insights on enhancing brain function and mental performance and practical advice on boosting memory. She underscores the critical importance of exercise and nutrition in maintaining optimal brain health, highlighting that a holistic approach is key to unlocking our brain's full potential.


"A lot of people get overwhelmed by the number of tasks they have to do. We encourage people to prioritize their to-do list based on cognitive effort required. Instead of doing the most urgent or easy thing first, you need to prioritize tasks that require deeper thinking. When you complete those tasks, it reduces stress – and you feel a sense of accomplishment." – Dr. Julie Fratantoni
Achieving mental growth isn't merely a matter of expanding your to-do list. Instead, it involves actively engaging your mind in daily activities and opting for habits that benefit your brain. By making these brain-healthy choices, you can significantly improve your focus, unleash your creative potential, and sharpen your problem-solving abilities.
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