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Children and Families

Group of four teens talking while studying on the lawn of a school campus.

Charisma Virtual Social Coaching

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A curious and courageous social mind is critical for interaction and meaningful connection.
Since 2016, Charisma has helped nearly 500 individuals and families throughout six countries, with 90% of participants reporting gains in recognizing and managing emotions, and 75% nearly doubling their ability to understand the intentions of others.
Improve communication skills and increase confidence with Charisma Virtual Social Coaching — a 10-hour program that empowers youth to discover their authentic social self. Each child or teen meets online with their Charisma Coach from the safety and comfort of their own home for relevant, social practice in our engaging virtual world.
This program is ideal for youth who are socially motivated, yet have trouble navigating conversations, showing empathy, making and keeping friends, responding to peer pressure or bullying, managing emotions, or reaching unique social goals.

CBS News: Social Skills and Benefits of Virtual Coaching

Bright kids with high functioning autism can struggle socially. Charisma Virtual Social Coaching serves youth across the United States and other English-speaking countries.
WBZ-TV's Dr. Mallika Marshall reports.

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