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Become a Charisma Coach

Add a powerful coaching tool to your toolkit by becoming a Charisma™ Coach.

In this multi-component, online training totaling 24 hours, you can learn the science, technology and techniques required to become a trained Charisma Coach.

Leverage the flexible, engaging Charisma virtual platform to conduct in-the-moment social coaching within realistic situations. Enhance the way you teach cognitive strategies to empower individuals to think, interact and thrive socially.

Gain access to our Charisma Virtual Social Coaching Manual and Interactive Analysis of Simulated Social Emotional Reasoning & Resilient Thinking (I-ASSER2T™) checklists to set your clients up for success and discover the power of creating new connections in meaningful ways. With over 40 conversations, you have multiple options – where to go in the Charisma virtual environment, how to respond, and the best way to track progress.

Charisma Coach Training

Education: Self-paced online learning
Meet Your Mentor
Live experiential training on the platform
Live, interactive training in tools and techniques
Practice delivery with your mentor

The Coaching Experience

In this video, hear from a Charisma coach about the benefits of engaging with clients and coaching them through real-life social interactions in the moment, through the virtual, avatar-driven platform.

News and Research

Online Tool Empowers Kids with Social Learning Deficits via Real-Time, Virtual World Training and Interactions

The Brain Performance Institute at the Center for BrainHealth now offers Charisma services online for children struggling with social interaction, autism, ADHD, and low self-worth.

Illustration of a brain during stress, showing high neuron activity.

Virtual Reality Can Help Kids Build Social Skills

Maria Johnson, MA, CCC - SLP, the Director of  Youth and Family Innovations at Brain Performance Institute discusses Charisma™ with Bernadette Fiaschetti, of One Life Radio on iHeartRadio.

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BrainHealth Collaborates with Yale: Virtual Triumph, Real World Success

The Center for BrainHealth has partnered with Yale University's Child Study Center to study brain change and real-life effects of a virtual reality training program for those with autism.

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