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Transition to Adulthood

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Connect With Charisma

Brains are hard-wired for connection, yet sometimes life transitions – joining college clubs, interviewing for jobs, and developing deeper relationships – can seem impossible.

Enhance your social resilience and explore strategies with Charisma Virtual Social Coaching, a 10-hour program backed by science that empowers young adults to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the unexpected.

No matter your age or stage of adulthood, you will create a personalized, goal-driven experience with your Charisma Coach and connect weekly to practice real-world situations that prepare you for challenging transitions.

This program is ideal for neurodiverse individuals struggling with social anxiety, interpersonal communication at school or work, self-advocacy, building independence and expanding social networks.

Striving for Success

Social-emotional competency has been linked with many markers of success in life.

Charisma helps our young adult clients determine what success looks like for them, and equips them with actionable, research-backed strategies that give them the confidence to strive for that success.

In this video, Charisma coach Veranda Hillard shares insights about strategies to strengthen social-emotional competency.

News and Research

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Charisma: A Virtual Reality Training to Promote Social BrainHealth in Adults

This game-based platform with a clinician-led strategy training protocol helps adults navigate the socially complex interactions they face every day.

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