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Day 3: February 22

Strengthening the Brain Through Art and Connection

Daily Images Connectedness Day 3
Innovative minds voices joined together to experience the powerful, positive impact that art, meaningful connections to others, and finding your purpose can have on the brain.
Community members explored how art and storytelling can build up connectedness, as well as brain health.
Each day included a popular BrainHealth Week Daily Text Challenge, open to anyone who texted BRAIN to 888-844-8991.

Art-Infused Happy Hour

The Connection Between Art and Brain Health

Day 3 Connectedness: Speakers Steven and William Ladd, Dr Gorilla
Rising leaders from the Dallas area converged at Center for BrainHealth to experience the impact that art and connection (to people and purpose) can have on the brain.

Enjoy a Time-Lapsed Recording of Art in Action

As the crowd mingled, they also shared in an interactive art experience – sharing inspiration for a live painting by local artist Dr Gorilla (a.k.a. David Rodriguez).
Symbolic of the evening's theme of connectedness, attendees contributed ideas, reactions and colors that Dr G integrated into a creative visual record.
Brain Performance Institute building during the day.


Center for BrainHealth is located at 2200 West Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75235
Happy Hour with the Ladd brothers was held in our Brain Performance Institute.